Argumentative Essay On School Violence

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BEEP. The intercom comes on during eighth period. “We are now in lockdown, initiate A.L.I.C.E.” Moments later two heart stopping shots go off. My heart starts racing, and sweat starts dripping down my forehead. I try to hold my hands still but I can’t stop shaking. I scramble to hide behind a desk. The door bursts open and shots go off. I hear bodies fall. You have a right to fear mental illnesses, because in the last school shooting, the shooter had been mentally ill. First, I wanted to know more about what makes a person do something so horrific. An unsettling discovery was that most of the attackers suffer from depression and are suicidal. “The Safe School Initiative did not find that mental illness was prevalent among attackers, but only about a third of the subjects had undergone a mental health evaluation before the incident. Other studies have estimated that rates of serious mental illness might actually be much higher. It is very rare, however, for a school shooter to successfully plead an insanity defense in court” (“School Violence: Schools in Crisis”). Something interesting that I read was that schools are attempting to teach children how to build stable relationships. When they have stable, healthy relationships they are less likely to want to hurt their peers, because they see how it affects…show more content…
Attackers have come from several different backgrounds, most commonly a middle class white male. Socially, some were loners, and outcasts while others fit in quite well. They usually didn’t have very low grades, and hadn’t undergone any sudden, or extreme life events (“School VIolence: Schools in Crisis”). When I found out that two thirds of the attackers had been known to have access, or have used, deadly weapons before, my stomach dropped. If they are known to have access to these dangerous things, why would nothing be done to protect

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