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Movie Critic “Fire in the blood” the documentary by Dylan Mohan Gray is based on the monopoly of various pharmaceutical companies over the patent of HIV drugs. The name of the drug which cured people of HIV was the ARV’s. The documentary revolves around the people who sufferd from AIDS but where unable to buy the drug as the price of the drug was not affordable by them. The cost of the drug which the pharmaceutical companies had set was beyond the reach of the common poor people. The rates were 15000$ per person per year. Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, and the other international pharmaceutical companies that fought tooth and nail to protect their patents on AIDS antiretroviral drugs did not care a bit about the common people who could not afford to buy the drug. Evil is the only word which is suitable for these pharmaceutical companies who ignored the people suffering and dying of AIDS. The movie covered mainly the areas such as Uganda, Mozambique, Cape Town, Muizenberg. As Aids spread throughout Africa Asia and various other places theWestern pharmaceutical companies, with the…show more content…
Horrified because of the reality and ashamed because we were unaware of the extent of inequality and cruelty amounting to what is called "genocide" in the film. The clips from the conferences were gripping and the personal experiences of people at the centre from Mr Clinton to the activists was heart warming. The thing in the movie by which i was impressed was the enterprise CIPLA in india . The film made me scrutinise humanity and what it is to be just. It provoked personal reflection and then made me think critically about society and business. It restored my faith in human kind with the individuals who took part in the film - I would recommend it to anyone who considers themselves part of global

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