The Importance Of Appearance

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Does a person's credibility depend on their appearance? Although some people live by the famous idiom "don’t judge a book by it's cover" which is a method of saying not to base one's prejudice solely on an individual's appearance, most people categorize individuals based on their physical appearance. The psychological science (APS) website claims that a person has a tenth of a second to make a good impression at first glance; which is why celebrities and politicians alike care for their outer appearance to gain popularity. Today, in order for a politician to make a lasting, positive impression on their audience they have to demonstrate confidence on stage, speak in coherent and organized sentences, and appeal to the opinion of the masses in order to be successful.…show more content…
A leader has to be a performer, they have to ready to act accordingly to any situation presented to them and maintain their confidence to guide others around them. Whether the topic is politics, music, or theater, the person who is most noticed will most likely be the most confident person in the room regardless of their talent; for example, the musicians that are often sat on the sides facing the audience in an orchestra are the ones who have a confident posture while playing because their stage presence will induce the audience into thinking they are not making any mistakes, even if they are. If a person has a powerful atmosphere, they will most likely not be judged as harshly as those who don't have the same poise. Overall, a firm stage presence should lead to success because other people will follow such attitude, it will be regarded to less harshly, and it will make the spectators overview
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