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Meghan Victory Mrs. Warwick Language Arts 8-4 30 March 2015 The Argue Against Scott Westerfeld “Uglies” What if you had to live in a world with everybody not being themselves? Where everything is trashed and not sunny, just dark and miserable. Scott Westerfeld, Uglies, novel science fiction. Tally is trapped in the middle of uglies and pretties and cat make up her mind if she to be either of them. Westerfeld wishes to show how image is not the most important thing in life. Why is body image so important? “We realized pretties do look different. They look like themselves. It’s just more subtle, because they’re not all freaks.”(Westerfeld 82) All pretties don’t look the same, nobody looks the same, nor are the same, everybody’s different. Body image is a widespread preoccupation. How we perceive our body’s visually. Encouragement to focus on appearance is an all-time high in this culture, and with it comes the potential for a significant increase in negative body image. Now a day’s people worry about their appearance more than anything else. Again body image is just a preoccupation to most people.…show more content…
“We may not be gorgeous but at least we’re not hyped-up Barbie dolls.”(Westerfeld 82) Being a “pretty” and caring about you and just you and no one else is just not good. Poor body image increases the risk for extreme weight/body control behaviors. People with negative body image tend to feel that their size or shape is a sign of personal failure, and that it is very important indicator of worth. A lot of people do feel this way. It’s your choice to be that way. If you are that way and you don’t choose to get better that all you, but it is up to you to change it. All at once you’re the one choosing to be this

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