Essay On Animal Testing Should Be Banned

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In the United States alone an estimated 26 million animals are used annually for commercial and scientific use. Animals are being used to develop cosmetic products, medical treatments, biomedical researches, and used to check if a product is safe to be used by humans. Animal testing around the world should be banned because it is cruel towards the animals and causing extinction of different species. Animal testing, a scientific experiment performed on live animals that have to endure pain, suffering, and can even lead to death. According to the Humane Society International, animals being used for experiments are subjected to force feeding, periods of restraints, inflictions of burns and other wounds, neck-breaking, and decapitation. Animals…show more content…
The practice of using animals in the lab has increased treatment for many different diseases . It has also said that animal testing will yield additional breakthrough drugs, which will then offer improved quality of life and then help people with some of the most devastating diseases. People in favor of animal testing say many life-saving treatments have come from them. Many have said that there is no other way to research an organism that is living, except they are wrong. Alternatives to animals testing such as computer models, simulations, in vitro, a test tube, test methods, and models that are based on human cells and tissue cultures are available. For example, Silico Modeling, which is where they have computer models that replicate the human body. Alternative test can be more reliable than animal test. For example, an experiment of hamsters and rats revealed that there were no link or similarity between glass fibers and cancer, but after human studies they noticed that they were related to one another. These alternatives would save a whole lot of money and it wouldn't be causing any pain or fear in animals. Scientists that have been surveyed argued to keep animal testing for scientific

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