The Human Experiment

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Documentary Study: The Human Experiment The Human Experiment is a documentary that shows the struggles of humans due to chemicals in products that have not been tested but are still put on the market. In the film, men, women, adults, and children are featured, that are being negatively affected because of the untested products. The film also presents many people advocating for the banning of these products, so they can no longer endanger us. There is major emphasis on how much the untested chemicals can damage us in unimaginable ways, and on how important it is to inform and help consumers to remain healthy. Therefore, the medical industry is a harm to society because it is allowing consumers to purchase items that are not tested nor known…show more content…
This documentary relates to the majority of general topics. In regards to science and technology, scientists aim to find the causes of the deformities and diseases that are diagnosed but seem to have no central root. The chemicals that humans are exposed to seem to be the underlying issue that leads to these illnesses which include but are not limited to: childhood brain cancer, asthma, leukemia in children, early onset puberty, ADHD, genital deformities in baby boys, and life-threatening birth defects. The issues present within this film also connect with the topic of politics and government. Many individuals, that were shown in the documentary, were advocating for a bill that would put restrictions on industries, that produce products that contain damaging chemicals. Lastly, the film is related to social relationships and communication. Due to the illnesses, that men and women are obtaining from the chemicals, it is creating melancholy within family and friend groups. For example, in the film, Jennifer Canvasser, was a woman who wanted to get pregnant. Unfortunately, she had PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome, due to harmful chemicals that she was exposed to through everyday products, which prevented her easily being able to conceive. Therefore they had to lean on fertility treatment. This caused pain to her and her husband every time they received a…show more content…
In Florida, sunscreen is a necessity because our skin is constantly exposed to harmful UV rays. However, the chemicals in the sunscreen have harmful effects. Studies have found that the chemicals in the sunscreen have been discovered in mother’s breast milk and it has caused numerous amounts of skin allergies. This is dangerous because many of us are not aware of exactly what is inside many of the things that we put on our body. . To continue, “...found at least one sunscreen chemical in 85 percent of milk samples.” This fact is highly alarming due to the fact that babies ingest the milk that can contain dangerous chemicals within it. Across North America, the popular sandwich company, Subway, has been using a chemical called the “yoga mat chemical” in their bread as a bleaching agent. This chemical, scientifically named azodicarbonamide has been used to produce yoga mats, shoes, and other objects containing rubber. It is harmful because it can lead to asthma in workers who are constantly around it, and when it is baked it can form urethane, which could be cancerous. This chemical angered people because it was not being communicated to the customers, much like the documentary and how the FDA was not communicating to the public just how dangerous the chemicals in many products, they had approved really are. In regards to a global standpoint, “The European Union Cosmetics Directive... defines

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