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Non-human Animals as Laboratory Specimens In Biology, it is said that humans has a natural characteristic to consume materials and energy in able for us to pursue the various activities that we encounter in life. This is one of the characteristics that we have as living things. Humans acquire materials and energy through the consumption of food. We, however, do not naturally produce our own source of materials and energy from within us. Our species need an external source which is our environment. Throughout history, the human race learned to use a large quantity of the things that exist on this planet for the sake of survival. One of the most common examples are the animals. Aside from the fact that a large number of human beings depend on…show more content…
The continuous evolution of technology is already causing a drastic change in our way of life and on how we perceive things. In spite of this, it is widely accepted that we still know very little about everything that exist in our universe and its truth. Humans are still far from perfection. We are still guilty of committing mistakes from time to time. It is a part of being human. This is also the very reason why we create a hypothesis and conduct researches and experiments. We are aware of our own ignorance and of our capacity to commit mistakes, thus we do something to address it. These imperfections, however, can also be the cause of harm for the animals when we conduct experiments that use them as specimens. If a human commits an error in an experiment using a certain species of animal and this experiment failed because of this mistake, then most probably it is either that animal will suffer further because it will undergo another round of experiment, or worse, the animal died after the human committed the mistake, as a result, the human will use another animal of the same species as a substitute. This simply means that whenever a similar incident happens the…show more content…
It is justifiable to use non-human animals as laboratory specimens if it is essential for the development of all the concerned groups or individuals. However, to use non-human animals to satisfy our urge for leisure and our earthly appetites without considering their interests is unnecessary and

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