Bt Corn Research Paper

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Abstract With the increasing use of GMOs, more people are concerned that whether GMOs are safe for us humans. In this article, the safety of one of the particular GMOs which is called Bt-corn will be assessed. Primary research journals were collected online to review this topic. Based on current research, there is no evidence to show that Bt-corn could harm human body in any way. Researches of animal feeding experiment show that animals fed transgenic corns have similar performance with animals fed nontransgenic corns. In addition, Bt-corn will not cause allergic reactions to human body. Not only Bt-corn will not affect human body in any harmful way, but Bt-corn also have similar value of nutrition. With all the benefits that Bt-corn bring, there should not be fear around it. Introduction Genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, refer to the organisms which…show more content…
In order to test the safety of Bt corns, many researchers have done a lot of researches on animal feeding experiments. Pigs, as well as other poultries, are mostly the experiment objects. In most of these researches, the experiments are divided into experiment group with animals fed Bt corn diet and control group with animals without Bt corn diet. Researchers measure the difference in weight According to Custodio et al (2006), the pigs fed Bt-11 corn diet have no significant growth difference with the pigs fed nontransgenic corn diet. In this experiment, sixty four Yorkshire pigs with equal number of sex and similar initial weights were separated into control group and experiment group. The pigs in control group were fed with normal nontransgenic corns, while the experiment group was fed with Bt-11 corn. After several months, the weights of pigs in experiment were measured. From the table 4, we clearly see that there is no significant differences on weight gain between sex or corn diet

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