The Hero's Journey By Joseph Campbell

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The Hero’s Journey is a concept identified by the American scholar Joseph Campbell. The Hero’s Journey explains several basic stages that almost every hero-quest goes through. He calls this structure “ the monomyth.” Hero’s have many great qualities. i hope one day, I can share the qualities of a real hero in my journey to become a better person as I transition into the public school setting. My life’s journey is similar to Joseph Campbell’s story in that I transitioned from a small private school to a large public school. I began in an ordinary world by being in a private school setting with small class size and fewer friends. A new chapter in my life changed my ordinary world into a life of opportunity, adventure and new challenges as my mentor introduced me to new friends and made my transition smoother. I crossed the threshold when my current school closed and I was forced to transfer into a public school setting. My life was about to drastically change.…show more content…
Many of my new friends at Chestatee will remain lifelong friends. My friends and I do many things together on weekends and after school. I also had a great opportunity to play basketball my seventh grade year. I enjoyed playing for Chestatee. My former school did not have a lot of sport teams to choose from. Joining a Soar was also exciting and a great learning experience. It gave me the opportunity to run in a road race for charity, help elementary students practice reading and learn medical skills. My life’s journey was off to a great
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