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She was only 24 years old, she had a long life ahead of her but now she is gone and all I could wonder is what did she do wrong because she was such a nice person, but why did she have to die. As I was walking out of the house I noticed a faint shadow, I kept telling myself it was just my imagination but something told me it wasn’t. I went to the front door and slamming the door as if I left, then slowly tiptoed into the kitchen grabbing the first weapon i saw which was a large steak knife, I smiled at how smart I thought I was. I felt as if there was somebody behind me, watching what I was doing, but when I turned around I realized the person in the closet was one step ahead of me. I turned around stunned at how naive I could be not to keep my eyes open incase he moved.…show more content…
As soon as I heard what he said I ran as fast as I could. Out the front door, through the alley, past a supermarket, and into a convenient store. I took deep breaths and duck under aisles looking and watching my surroundings. On the tv I noticed a football game was on and was just ending the opposing team had a 6-point victory, I probably shouldn’t have noticed this, I knew I wasn’t safe there but I had to hide out somewhere until I thought it was safe to go outside. Just when I thought it was safe to go out I felt someone behind me, it was an unwelcomed person I could feel it, I tried to pretend like I didn’t feel the person and started walking up the aisle but the person kept following me, I thought maybe I was paranoid and I should just turn around to relieve my mind of some of the pressure. I turned around and saw someone very familiar, he smiled but I couldn’t make out the smile so I waved. The person obviously knew I had no idea who they were so they decided to introduce

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