How Did Macdonald Came To Canada

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June 10th, 1891 marked the death of the greatest Canadian ever to live. Sir John A MacDonald was one of the greatest foundling fathers of Canada. MacDonald was the first prime minister in a new confederation that MacDonald himself helped found. In 1854 MacDonald also helped create the conservative party. The Pacific scandal was a blow to MacDonald forcing him to resign and leave politics for few years. In 1878 MacDonald came back to win the federal election with his new National Policy. John won every election from there on. Sir John A MacDonald campaigned his new slogan “The Old Flag, The Old Policy. The Old Leader.” in 1891, though he did win, this was his last election. At the age of 76 John died, three months after winning. Sir John…show more content…
The Sumiatchers and the Lem Wong's family are just two of them. The Sumiatchers were Jews who came to Canada for freedom. In Russia Jews were not treated well and many had already came to Canada to start over. They were given land and started one of the first Jewish schools, called The Hebrew Free School. Another immigration successes story belongs to Lem Wong. He was sent to Canada by his mother just as immigration from china was being closed. Lem started laying railway tracks in Canada. He soon left that job and traveled around Canada looking for another job.. living in hard conditions along the way. Lem saved his money and soon returned to china to find a wife. Not being able to bring her with him back to Canada he left alone starting a business and then in1912 his wife could finally come. Millions of British family's came to Canada also. Thousands of children were sent by philanthropic organizations to Canadian farms and homes to work. Many children did not find the adventure they expected in Canada. The work was hard and one boy spent his time living in a barn with the animals, eventually the family noticed the boy and took him in. Caring for him until he could live on his

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