The Green Eggs And The Books I Want To Read

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According to Dr. Seuss, “Today you are you that is truer than true. There is no one alive that is youer than you.” I like that quote because it relates to reading no one else can tell you what to read. You can read whatever you want to read. Like Dr. Seuss said you are they best you. As a eighth grader, i'm not a biggest fan about reading, because hockey, track, and school are my main priorities One of the marvelous,acceptable, crystal clear book i remember reading is the Green Eggs and Ham book. I read the book in kindergarten with my teacher. It was one of my favorite book, for we got to read it as a class. My teacher was one of the best teacher i have had, but she was there only for one year; that was the year was i was in kindergarten…show more content…
That was my favorite part on the whole thing was to eat it. At first i was scared to eat it because the eggs were green, but when i didn't realize when i was little is the it was just food coloring. I also got to enjoy the green eggs and ham with my friends at school. Later in my life when i got to the second grade and third. My teacher Any was on of my best teacher because every week at least once we got to read under the table. We got to bring a blanket and keep it in her classroom to read under the tables with our friends. I would alway sit by my sister when we read under the table. When i went to school i could come in from outside; and i would look forward to read under the tables it was my favorite thing to do in second grade. Other things we did her class is she read the book clementines to our class and that is still one of my favorite book still to this day. After she read the first book to us i went to the library and read all the other books to the serious, and i read every other book. It was one of the best serious i have ever read and will ever read. Also i had her for third grade and in third grade she the book holes to us, and then we watched the movie. It's not on of my favorite books but it is

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