Essay On Dumbing America

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Many American believe that this generation of teenagers and young children is smarter than the past generations. This could not be farther from the truth. The teengers and young children of this generation are, technically advanced; however, technically advanced does not particularly mean smarter. This generation is simply spoiled with technology and the knowledge it offers. Technology is taken for granted every second of the day. Instead of using the technology this generation is spoiled with for knowledge, it is used by millions for social media, cheating, illegal activities, etc. There are plenty of books full of the knowledge we use the internet to obtain in seconds, and this does not allow for comprehension skills. By looking up your answers in a book, reading skills and comprehension skills are collected in just a few minutes.…show more content…
They say is the government’s deliberate intention to dumb down America in order to eliminate the smarter people in this world who are able to track down any future plans held by the government. Some say that is is not just technology they use to distract our over eager minds. It is said that they could possibly be putting certain chemicals into our food that is there to potentially dumb us down. These are not facts but merely conspiracy theories that are quite relatable to the dumbing down of America from the past generations. To some extent, the teenegers and young children are not to be blamed. They are simply going along with what they were/are being taught. For example, we are taught to solve math equations on calculators rather than working the problem out. The fact that we can operate a calculator in a way to solve a problem leads us to believe we are smart. In reality, we have only learned the technological terms of solving the problem. In order to master that skill in solving the equation, you must be able to work it out on

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