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Grant Wynn Ms. Arriaga English II - 3 15 December 2014 Descended from the Dukes of Buccleuch, Nick Carraway,was a boy from Minnesota. “instead of being the warm centre of the world, the Middle West now seemed like the ragged edge of the universe”(Fitzgerald 4) to Nick. After telling his family that he wanted to go into the bond business and careful conversations, Nick, in the summer of 1922, went to New york. With the one year finance of his dad he, along with a friend who, at the last second, has to leave, rents a house in West Egg. This was a wealthy island populated by the young money, people who have made their loads of money pretty early to have good social connections and who display their wealth. Nick’s next-door neighbor, who lives…show more content…
Home to the socially connected upper class. He reads books and craves knowledge. Nick drives out to East Egg one evening for dinner with his cousin, Daisy Buchanan, and her husband, Tom, an erstwhile classmate of Nick’s at Yale, “who had a touch of paternal contempt even towards those he liked”(Fitzgerald 7). Daisy, who has a way with her voice to draw in an audience, and Tom introduce Nick to Jordan Baker, a beautiful young woman who lies a lot and has immaculate posture. Nick starts liking her a lot. Nick also learns that Tom has been unfaithful in his marriage to Daisy.Jordan tells him that “Tom has a lover”(Fitzgerald 11), Myrtle Wilson, who lives in the valley of ashes, a gray, sad industrial dump between West Egg and New York City. Daisy talks to Nick about the birth of her child. she asks him what she said when she had her daughter. she said “i hope she is a beautiful little fool” because Tom was away and thought to be with Myrtle. Not long after the dinner, Nick goes to New York City with Tom, picking Myrtle up on the way. At a gaudy, vulgar party in the apartment that Tom keeps for the affair, Myrtle taunts Tom about Daisy, saying she can say her name whenever she wants to, and Tom turns around, punching and breaking her

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