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Syphilis Signs and Symptoms Frazier describes the signs and symptoms of syphilis by beginning with the primary stage of infection. The initial symptom is a painless chancre sore lesion on the genitals of males and females. The first, primary stage of syphilis is extremely contagious. Amelioration of the chancre sore happens one to two months after the initial appearance of the lesion on the genitals. Then the organism, Treponema pallidum spirochete, manifolds and distributes throughout the body to areas such as internal organs, skin, spinal cord, cardiovascular and lymphatic system and the brain. Areas of the body highly concentrated with the T. pallidum spirochete organism will have lesions. Likewise, The Merck Manual states that syphilis…show more content…
These tests microscopically determine from the smear taken from the primary chancre lesion if the T. pallidum spirochete is present. Also, these tests can determine if there are serum antibodies from the syphilis infection. The Merck Manual diverges that the VDL and RPR test are not only used to determine syphilis and Serologic Treponema test are used as subsequent confirmation of syphilis. Also discussed in the Merck Manual is the microscopic visualization of the T. pallidum spirochete, the Darkfield Microscopy. Additional testing for other sexual transmitted diseases and HIV are conducted to rule out any other diseases with similar symptoms. The first step of diagnoses according to the Merck Manual is to look for the visual symptoms. The type of test used to diagnose syphilis depends on which stages of syphilis are suspected. Typically, a VDL, RPR, and/or a Darkfield Microscopy test is administered during suspected primary and secondary stage syphilis. VDL, RPR and Treponema tests are used to determine the asymptomatic latent stage syphilis. If there are late stage syphilis suspicions cerebral spinal fluid testing (CSF) is done in addition to the standard testing done for detection of earlier stages of syphilis. Also, examination screening of internal organs and images of the brain and the aorta is preformed for late stage

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