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“Spiritual Growth Assessment and Spiritual Disciplines” Spiritual growth means being on the right path in my walk with Jesus; however, there is always space for improvement. God knows we cannot work on all our problems at once; however, my Spiritual growth assessment for the last six weeks reveals there is still some much needed work. Markedly, the Seven Areas of Calhoun explore the orientation of my soul. With this in mind, I asked God to search me for anything within that is not like him; in doing so The Spiritual Growth Planner assessment in the seven areas pointed first to “Worship The Trinity,” yes, praise is the first thing out of my mouth in the morning giving glory, honor also praise. In fact, I love on Him because He first…show more content…
Improving, open up myself in a deeper way through and submission; although it is strenuous also challenging I go humbly. Add time to reading also meditating on the Word of God, asking for wisdom, knowledge, understanding of revelation. In reality, to do this I have to “Relinquish the False-Self and Idols of My Heart,” the third area of assessment. By all means, put more effort in understanding me, recognizing my attitudes, how I react to and in situations also why certain decisions are made. It is not good when you don’t know your own personality, strengths also weaknesses. These idols of the heart will cause serious damage in my spiritual growth. I want to see myself as God sees me (Calhoun…show more content…
Choosing which of the disciplines and desires to practice was difficult desiring to improve after them all led me to my first spiritual discipline of “Inner Healing Prayer,” “to assist the emotionally broken and wounded as they seek God for the healing only he can give (Calhoun 12).” At one point in my life I had to live through one of the most broken, painful place that I would not want anyone to experience. Truly, I love God and for the past fifteen years in ministry, was where I was hurt. For three years my emotional, mental state was subdued with pain. To make a long story short, it took an intense Bible-based teaching, staying before God, also using everything I had learned as a child of God (elder) to reject all false-hood the enemy had planted in my life. Not to mention, asking God to always plant the fruit of the spirit in me, prayer for the pain to be no more, to be set free, he finally gave me peace with the situation. Nonetheless, as life went on I began to see many souls that are wounded for whatever reason. Only God can heal us from the inside out. My practice the last six weeks have been with Godly counsel, reading and studying the Word of God, seeking His face in prayer on how to continue to help myself also others tear-up, uncover, dispose the wounds that maybe be hidden in the heart (Calhoun 227-230). I like the way someone put it in a testimony “it dealt with these problems through

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