Use Of Mise En Scene In The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby In the 5th chapter of the movie The Great Gatsby, the director Baz Luhrmann uses techniques such as Lighting, Costumes, Camera shots and mise-en-scene to shows us, the audience, how the idea of the American dream isn’t all it appears to be, and how Gatsby strives to be with his dream girl Daisy, to complete his own American dream. I feel like this particular scene shows the audience more about how the ‘real’ Gatsby actually thinks and feels, whereas the previous scenes shows Gatsby to show less true emotion when talking about his life and when dealing with situations. During the scene where Gatsby meets Daisy in Nick’s home, it isn’t bright and sunny outside, but rather dark because the sun is behind clouds that have brought the heavy rain. This bad weather represents what Gatsby is feeling at the moment,…show more content…
This is how it is related to the director’s purpose, it shows how Gatsby strives for winning Daisy, how badly he wants to complete his ‘American dream’. The bad weather also represents what the meeting could turn out like. The heavy rain shows us that Gatsby feels that things will be awkward and uncomfortable, and again, wants everything to be perfect so he can get his dream girl, Daisy. When Daisy and Gatsby first lay eyes on each other in Nick’s living room, the sun breaks through and it becomes lighter. This shows us, the audience, that Gatsby has become calmer and more at peace by once again seeing/meeting the girl of his dreams, also that she is actually here after 5 years, his American dream is nearly complete. This can be linked to another technique, soundtrack. When arriving and setting up the meeting, the music playing is slow and somewhat gloomy (links to Gatsby’s emotions and that he thinks the meeting will be a disaster). When Gatsby and

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