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Sub-question II: What do self-proclaimed “Holocaust revisionists” believe? The beliefs of “Holocaust revisionists” “Holocaust revisionists” is a subdivision of “historical revisionists”. The term “historical revisionist” would almost indicate that a persons who describe themselves as such, would be a scientist of sorts. It is very likely that the people who would call themselves “historical revisionists” are convinced that they are in fact scientists. In more ways than one, their opinion differentiates from the opinion of the rest of the world. The general definition of “historical revisionism” describes the reinterpretation of historic facts and the challenging of general opinions on such facts. In the light of our research, we intend to focus solely on the revisionism of the Holocaust. The views of these Holocaust deniers are quite shocking to us. Being taught history the way we are in Europe, it is hard to imagine anyone doubting the facts we are taught and go so far to try and convince others of…show more content…
Some examples of these arguments are listed below.  Any footage or reportage on the Holocaust is Jewish propaganda. In the Jewish religion, there –like in many other religions –are different movements. One of these movements is Zionism. Among of course other movements, Zionistic Jews believe that the Jews deserve their own country. Since this Rome (or in this case Zion) was not build in one day, deniers of the holocaust say Zionists needed propaganda in order to achieve the goal of a very own sovereign state. Gaining sympathy from those with both economic funds and international influence would be the best form of propaganda, according to the historical revisionists.  The number of Jews killed is not as high as approximately six million. Holocaust deniers claim that this is exaggerated. The Jews have invented the number in order to gain sympathy from the Western

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