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Industry Overview: Automobile industry is concerned with the production and selling self-powered vehicles, including passenger cars, trucks and other commercial vehicles. They play a big role in the growth of ancillary industries, like oil and travel businesses. It is a key determinant of economic growth because of the large number of people it employs United States, Canada, Japan and Germany are the largest Automobile manufacturing countries of the world; General Motors, Toyota and Volkswagen Group being the most famous and well renowned companies in this sector. These three companies have mainly dominated this industry for a long time now. Company Overview: Name of the Company: Volkswagen Group Mission Statement: Das Auto Revenue €(Million):…show more content…
As, mentioned earlier, it has it’s garage filled with luxury are brands like Audi, Lamborghini, Bentley and Bugatti. It has successfully been able to tap the non-premium market too with car brands like: Seat, Skoda and Volkswagen itself. It also owns a total of about 49% stake in Porsche as well. In 2014, Volkswagen reported the biggest sales in terms of units which was reported to be 10 million units. According to their reports they have about 600,000 employees producing an average of 41,000 vehicles per working day. Today, they also have their production spread over four continents in over 118 production locations. Ranked #49 in the FT Global 500 according to June 2015 reports, its biggest competitors are Ford Motor Company, General Motors and Daimler AG. Up until 2015, Volkswagen had the image of being one of them most sustainable company around the world. But, after the ‘defeat device’ scandal that occurred in 2015, their previous image of being a sustainable company has been tainted. They have admitted to this device scandal in all of their press releases, company website as well as the Quarter 3 financial report and they have also launched internal as well as external investigation. They also incurred an exceptional charge of €6.7 billion for the diesel issue along with the bad press and all the legal…show more content…
This profit was mainly seen due to the exchange rate effects. Sustainability strategies: Though, Volkswagen Group is today struggling with the whole sustainability issue and is also delisted from most of the reputed organizations dealing with world sustainability. It still aims on being the world’s most successful, fascinating and sustainable manufacturer by 2018. According to them, it is a goal that requires them to constantly face new tasks and challenges. They also plan to demonstrate that they are capable of inner renewal and are responsible. Source: Sustainability Reports, Volkswagen, 2014. The above picture helps understand their goal and it’s classification in broad. Here, we can see that their sustainability activities are broadly classified into three main categories which are: Economy, People and

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