The Hunger Games Literary Analysis

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What would you do for your family? For the ones you love? Would you risk your life? Within The Hunger Games, Primrose Everdeen, a girl with a kind heart and a passion to help others was chosen to participate in The Hunger Games. People were displeased by the idea of a twelve-year-old being chosen, but nobody intervened. Except for Katniss. Her sister. On page 22, shortly after her sister was chosen Katniss stepped forward, without hesitation and yelled: “I volunteer!”. “District 12 hasn’t had a volunteer in decades and the protocol has become quite rusty.” The narrator says after Katniss’ little scene. This part of the story helps prove the theme that you should never take anyone who cares for granted. You should be sure to appreciate them and do what’s right, and always be sure to look out for the ones you love. Another way the story proves the theme is when she is given the option to tell Peeta a story. When she tells Peeta the story she chooses a story mainly speaking about Prim. The reason for this? Prim is in most of Katniss’ stories due to Prim being a large part of Katniss’ life. She spoke about how “In a moment of complete giddiness, I bought a pink ribbon and tied it around her (the goat’s) neck” (page 272) and talking about the little things that happened and added random comments…show more content…
Mainly, it shows how with the unintentional help of her family, she was able to win The Hunger Games. You may be wondering, how did they help? Her father, both when alive and dead, helped shape her as a person. Prim helped Katniss by being in her memories, and Katniss noticing things all around that remind her of her beloved sister. Her mother, when she became depressed, helped make it so Katniss knew how to look out for herself and others. All in all, I believe The Hunger Games theme is that you should appreciate those who love you and are there for

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