The Golden Age Of Hip-Hop And Rap Music

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Hip-hop and rap music has been on the music scene for over forty years. The debate throughout the years is that rap music is not the same anymore. The music that is made today is “Over sexualized”, “Too emotional”, and “faking it till you make it is the best way to make money”. Also that the cycle of music always comes back around that people will always go back to its original formation. The 1990s is arguably the golden age of hip hop because of its relatability to regular people and the versatility during this decade. The early 2000s to present day is called mainstream rap music because the genre is known on a national level. Rap music today is relatable to this generation and that’s why older generations cannot understand the music…show more content…
During this decade artist such as Tupac, Biggie Smalls, Shawn Carter (Jay-z), Dr.Dre and Snoop Dog revolutionized the music industry from there albums and songs. The music made was relatable to people that experienced similar things. During this time Dr. dre made his contribution to hip hop music by forming the group N.W.A that was sponsored by Eric wright (Eazy E). Dr. dre also discovered Eminem in the late 1990s and Eminem started the formation for main stream rap that we know today. The music in the 1990s was more relatable because the artist talked about social issues during this time such as police brutality, poverty and racial inequality. This music was more relatable to the people that was actually growing in the 1980s and…show more content…
Hip hop started to become all about sex, and very repetitive in certain songs. Also making songs about selling drugs and how much money they have in their pockets. “Songs were less about an artist’s success and more about his or her rise to it; even the most financially successful rappers wrote about violence, crime, and living in poverty.” (Harvard Political Review, paragraph four). Artist wanted to be like biggie smalls and jay z instead of being themselves, trying to steal their style of instead of recreating their own. The lyrics in the early 2000s the music was very misogynistic toward women and very vulgar. “Nowadays every rapper has to take off his shirt and every female better have humongous cakes and look good. Not saying that sexuality wasn’t always a part of rap, but it had its lane and those who liked it indulged. 2 Live Crew, Too Short, Lil Kim, etc. Back in the day, all you needed was a dope cut and lyrics.” (Bossip, 6). The music sometimes had no message of the real issues, because the barriers had been broken the rappers wanted to simply stay on the

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