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“Selma” is a movie about the Negro group together led by Dr. King’s leaded to start three times march in Selma, so the government can let Black Americans have right to vote. It started with the King is in a dark background, saying “ I accept this honor for our lost ones, whose deaths pave our path, and for the 20 million Negro men and women motivated by dignity and a disdain for hopelessness.” Which allowed people to feel how hard the Negro try to pass the civil rights movement. This movie also has other good scenes to describe the difficulty of Negro citizens register to vote, the dangers of the March. However, even it is a very good movie, there still has one of mistake it make: the relationship between Martin Luther King and Lyndon B. Johnson. A good scenes to describe the difficulty of the Negro to vote is inside of the Selma Courthouse.This scene is a Black lady, Annie Lee Cooper, was trying to register to vote. After she fill on the register paper and sit on the chair, the…show more content…
About 525 Negroes are ready to cross the Pettus Bridge, but the troopers and policemen were beyond the end of the bridge with nightsticks on their hands. All the Blacks know what will happen in next minute, they will get hard and death, but they are not flinching, keep going, and stay silence, because all the actions they do are for themselves and the next generation of Blacks. Until the leader of troopers’ gun fired, all the marchers turn back with screeching, and run as fast as they can. Because some troopers are running close and beating them with their nightsticks or their feet, some are whipping them with the horsewhip, and some are releasing the smoke shells to the them. After the march, there are so many of Negroes suffering fractures of ribs, heads, arms and legs. This scene shows how difficult the marchers are, and how the some of white governments to stop and hurt them, but the Negroes still keep to do

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