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This novel truly displays the very strange relationship between love and hate; the two are so closely related that one cannot often distinguish between the two. The love between Catherine and Heathcliff is a prime of example of how such a strong love can be ruined by one single decision. The way that Catherine left Heathcliff completely destroys his emotional stability, and although he still loves her wholeheartedly, he becomes dead-set on revenge. He chooses to enact this revenge upon everyone around him by being unnecessarily cruel to his peers. He even chooses to torment the child that comes from his beloved, primarily because he is a product of the ultimate betrayal. The most significant theme of this passage is that extreme emotions…show more content…
Humans have always been known to crave the touch of one another, and while some try to substitute that feeling with the love of an animal or alcohol, nothing can ever compare to the real love that flows from another human. When one is deprived from those interactions, they suffer and become angry or bitter much like Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights. Allowing oneself to find anger and hatred following a great love is a personal choice, yet it seems to be human nature to blame the ones that chose to end the relationship. However, it is quite uncommon for one to have the same love throughout the entirety of their lives as many people seem to have multiple lovers. The truth is that one must take the opportunity to learn from the one they loved and the mistakes made in order to better their next relationship.Those who allow themselves to be cut off from the world due to a love lost are also the ones that remain stagnant throughout their lives and never grow to be happy with themselves. Although there is a possibility of pain being caused, the idea of swearing off love and becoming intimate with others is truly damaging to one’s health because they need the love biologically. There is a proven scientific need for this type of love, but there is no way to ensure that this works out. The risk associated with love and relationships is truly what makes love meaningful and something that many aspire to find within their lives. Despite the proven benefits of love, one can only reap as much from a relationship as they choose to allow themselves. Many things within the human experience are entirely based upon the perception of the person going through those

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