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Summary of Storyline and Context Introduction The founder was released on the 20th January 2017 as a dramatical bibliography. The main character is Ray Kroc who is played by Michael Keaton, alongside him is Dick McDonald and Mac McDonald – who is played by Nick Offerman and John Carroll Lynch. The story is set in the 1950’s in Southern California. Summary The story starts off with Ray Kroc as a struggling travelling sales agent trying to sell his products but failing every time. He gets this phone call out of nowhere informing him that some restaurant wanted to buy a fair amount of his product, he thinks that it is a mistake and phones the restaurant himself. They confirm with him the order and he’s so impressed and curious that he travels…show more content…
They are also in charge of planning, organising and controlling their own business, their managing style is also one of participation – which means that they allow feedback of other departments etc. before making decisions. The McDonald brothers use more of a system approach to management; they work together with all the stations and parts of the business in order to get the best result. In the movie, we see how the two brothers gave up trying to franchise their business because it failed once, they didn’t stand up to try again. A good leader never gives up. They aren’t as driven either and just accepted that their dream will never come true. They are however very good at managing, when they first built their restaurant they found the most efficient way for their staff to move around by drawing it on a tennis court, this was very creative thinking and allowed for maximum…show more content…
He targeted the middle-class investors because they are more open to the idea of the fast food restaurant and are more willing to invest. They are also more likely to just follow the business codes and formulas and just stick by whatever ethics the business is implementing. This ensured that Kroc would still have control over the business and have all the funding he needs. He solved a problem by creatively avoiding wealthy investors. The McDonald brothers also solved a problem. They saw the that the other restaurants were taking forever to produce food and half of the time they got the orders wrong so they came up with a creative solution. They found a way to produce their food on a mass scale, which made the food delivery faster. They also recognised that certain products were more popular than others, which made them narrow their menu but lower their cost and increased their profits. Since they were producing food faster they could serve more costumers at a time and within a day, which also increased their

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