The Film Glory Of 1989

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The film Glory of 1989 was based on a union army during the American Civil War. The manifestation focused its depiction on a formal unit made up entirely out of African-American men. The unit what was known to be called the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry who was led by its white commanding officer Colonel Shaw. This historical configuration of African-American men became known as the United States Colored Troops who fought heroically for their freedom at Fort Wagner. More importantly, the main characters, issues, and artistic values of the movie are executed in the film to redeem consciousness over the first all-black regiment during the Civil War. Of the major characters in the movie’s version of the regiment, only Robert Gould Shaw was a real…show more content…
In the film, Shaw fought courageously in the battle of Antietam and somehow survived by a canons hit that knocked him out unconsciously. After the battle, gravedigger John Rawlins is seen to wake him up and arose in shock after seeing all the dead bodies. As Shaw returns to home in Boston, he is awarded colonel and leader of the very first colored troops to be assembled, the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry. Shaw excuses himself and honors his close friend Major Cabot Forbes, second in command. Sergeant-Mulcahy led the black soldiers to undergo a severe training scheme. Mulcahy aggressively trash talks the soldiers and pushes them into becoming real strong blunt men through fighting tactics, exercise, and marching. Major Forbes disagrees with Shaw to a point where he is ashamed of the fact that their childhood friend Thomas Searles,

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