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Other countries have different views regarding this subject. In the United States, flag desecration is protected under the First Amendment, and Australia has similar laws. A socialist group in Australia called Resistance markets and sells a kit for burning the flag, and there have been several noted cases in the last decade. Belgium and Canada also allow flag desecration. In 1990, the flag of Quebec was desecrated by protestors in Brockville, Ontario, while numerous people walked over the flag while the event was being televised. In many other nations, there are laws in place to protect the flag from desecration. In Denmark, for example, it is illegal to desecrate the flags and national symbols of all foreign nations. However, it is legal…show more content…
Several people have since then been fined for the crime, which is illegal even while in a private setting. Germany has even harsher laws when it comes to flag desecration. Damaging a German flag or any article of German association is a crime punishable by up to 5 years in federal prison. Flag desecration is seen as an insult to the government and it’s policies. Whether or not the practice should be legal or not remains a source of great debate and hinges on whether or not flag burning is protected under the call for freedom of…show more content…
Since 1989, there have been multiple cases where the Senate has tried to amend the Constitution and make a Flag Desecration, therefore making it illegal and punishable by the government. In the year following the Johnson case and Eichman case, Congress considered and rejected a Constitutional Amendment specifying that “the Congress and the States have the power to prohibit the physical desecration of the flag of the United States.” The amendment failed to muster the necessary two-thirds Congressional majority, as it was supported by only a 254-177 margin in the House(290 votes were needed) and a 58-42 margin in the Senate(67 votes were

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