Loch Ness Monster Research Paper

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“If you don’t have Ideas, if you don’t have adventure you’ll never make a discovery.” Dr. Rines (Loch Ness E14). The hunt for monsters has been going on since the creation of man. Some monsters have been made up for a scapegoat and others for a divine protector. In the first century when the Romans first came to Scotland they found a people with legends of a great monster that lived in their loch. Since then the creature has been seen from time to time. The first recorded sighting of the monster was buy Saint Columba in 565 A. D. (Loch Ness E2). Saint Columba was walking from village to village spreading the word of the Lord. When he passed before the loch and saw the monster. (Loch Ness E7). The existence of the Loch Ness Monster has been debated since it was first created. However with new technology we are closer to the truth than we have ever been. During the last Ice age much of the oceans were frozen and land rose in their absence. Some scientists believe that the hills and mountains around Loch Ness rose from the sea and trapped a group of animals. When the Romans came to Scotland they found a fierce tribe of people who lived in the high lands. These people were covered in tattoos and the romans gave them the name Picts. Meaning painted people. (Fact B16). The Picts were fascinated with animals and paintings of animals were found on…show more content…
(F21). Between 1972 and 1975 the United States and England lead searches for Nessie with the use of sonar. Although the searchers used 600 sonar beams they found no evidence to prove the existence of Nessie. (Exist C3). However one researcher, by the name of Dr. Tucker, found a large moving mass but was unable to prove it was a living creature. (Book F20). “We went from shoreline to shoreline, top to bottom, on this one we have covered everything in this loch and we saw no signs of any large living animal in the loch.” Ian Florance. (Exist

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