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Harris Corporation Title: Harris Corporation Speakers: Osagie Obaze, Joseph Asan, Shawn Pocchiare ; Public speaking students at Florida Institute of Technology Specific Purpose: To provide information to my audience regarding the Impact of Harris Corporation in Florida Tech Thesis Statement: In the next 20 years, Florida Tech will be among the stars as a result of the unlimited investment that is channeled to develop and enhance many science programs in the school. Asides that, one company has been able to be highly influential in the major activities that go around on-campus and outside campus. Introduction 1. Attention-getter: Anybody walked up to the commons lately? Any changes to the building or signs? What we knew as Florida Tech Commons as of two weeks ago has been renamed; Harris…show more content…
Harris Corporation is an important part of the space program. Harris is the world’s largest commercial buyer of satellite bandwidth and #1 provider of unfurlable mesh reflectors for satellites according to the Harris Washington D.C. Fact Sheet. They have space antennas, electronics, payloads on more than 100 satellites, and teleports on six continents which serve clients in 125 countries. Harris is the world’s largest provider of hosted payload and make strategic and tactical multi-band SATCOM terminal systems for ground and shipboard missions. In the space program for Florida, Harris has made contributions to to the Apollo program, Space Shuttle, the International Space Station, and the Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System. B. Harris Corporation’s role in the armed forces. In military defense, they address the DoD’s requirements for satellite communications, image processing, intelligence and surveillance systems, communications architectures, network security,weapons and aircraft electronics, optics, and communications systems integration

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