The Fall Of The House Of Usher Essay

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"The house where dreams go to die" "The Fall of the House of Usher" is a dark short story written by Edgar Allen Poe. The story is told by an unknown narrator, who appears to be a childhood friend of Roderick Usher and goes to the home because he received a letter from his sick friend. In the beginning of the story, the narrator arrives at the house of Usher where he immediately feels the lurking gloom and doom of the house, which is enhanced by the decaying landscape that surrounds it. There is evidence throughout the story that shows how the house personifies the diseased, dying Usher family. Inside the house resides Roderick Usher and his twin sister Madeline Usher. The two members of the Usher family are very ill, Roderick is described as an individual with “a cadaverousness of complexion; [an] eye large…. [and] lips somewhat thin and very [pale]…“ (Poe, 267); he suffers from anxiety, depression, and other physical symptoms. Madeline looks physically ill, she is unable to move and is cataleptic-like. The narrator quickly realizes Roderick and Madeline’s health is deteriorating just like the outside of the house.…show more content…
“Upon [the narrator’s] entrance, Usher arose from a sofa…. and greeted [one] with a vivacious warmth….” (Poe, 267). The narrator describes the inside of the house just as spooky as the outside. “While the objects around me- while the carvings of the ceilings, the somber tapestries of the walls, the ebon blackness of the floors, and the phantasmagoric armorial trophies….“(Poe, 267). The narrator seems to think that Roderick is afraid of the house, and also believes that the house is unhealthy. Contributing to his health and his sister's
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