Outline For The Fall Of The House Of Usher Essay

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The Thesis Statements It is obvious that Poe meaning for the building and the family are to reflect one another. His use of parallel descriptions of the house and family conveys the intertwined fate of both that leads the reader to the conclusion, the house and the Ushers are one. Poe uses the phrase "House of Usher" to refer to both the decaying physical structure and the last of the Usher family. I. Plot Summary A. The Fall of the House of Usher discovers the feeling I get when I go inside a Haunted House, fear, darkness, terror, insanity, and mysterious. B. The narrator compares the small crack in the house and the small cracks also in the family. C. In the house lives human deception, warped perception of reality and dark psychological state of each…show more content…
Poe uses the setting to make an impression in the reader's mind. C. The whole story is centered on the house, the decaying, dark, mysterious, and deadly images. The exterior and interior of the house is symbolic to how the people are who lives there. III. The Characters A. The three important characters in this story is the narrator, Roderick, and Madeline. B. All three characters are strangely interesting and they all have done something that makes them seem a bit unordinary. C. The narrator is a childhood friend of Roderick. They have not seen each since they were children; when the narrator received the urgent letter from Roderick that requested his help, the narrator decides to take the adventurous journey. D. Roderick and Madeline are twins who share a twisted connection mentally and physically. IV. The Theme A. The Fall of the House of Usher" is centered on the main idea of fear in someone’s life. B. The entire story is a dismissal of the character humanity and is vital in developing question and horror. C. The author tries to illustrate through the narrator that the rejection of our fears can lead to insanity; it has certainly turned Usher insane and is slowly affecting the

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