Fall Of The House Of Usher Comparison Essay

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Edgar Allan Poe is one of the most famous gothic writers in American literature. He is known for his creepy stories that make up think and deal with a more mental side than a physical. While his stories may not be very long, the lasting impact left on the reader can leave them scared for days. Two of his most famous stories are “Pit and the Pendulum” and “Fall of the House of Usher”. Even though they both deal with the mind the stories themselves go about it in different ways. In “Pit and Pendulum” the main character remains nameless because that is not what Poe wants the reader to focus on. As the story starts out the character is simply in a room that is pitch black where he can not see his hand in front of him. He sees white candles that he thinks are angels to save him, but when they go out he is left to just his imagination. After he drinks some poisoned water he wakes up only to find himself tied to a cot with a sharp pendulum to be his death. Even though he use the rats to free him, his mind is too far gone to be saved from insanity and he imagines that the room is on fire and the walls are closing in.…show more content…
While the narrator tries to help Roderick cheer up Roderick’s condition only worsens. Madeline falls into a coma, but neither Roderick or the narrator knew and thought she was dead. After they bury her the narrator stays with Roderick. Now here is where the story can be interpreted two different ways. While some people read the story as Roderick being schizophrenic others read it as Roderick and Madeline as two different people. Those who think Roderick is schizophrenic say he buried himself and it was just him who was at the house and eventually he died and the house followed. Others say he really did bury Madeline and her ghost was out for revenge and killed him causing the house to

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