The Hiroshima Bombs: Truman Vs. Hiroshima And Nagasaki

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1 TRUMAN VS. HIROSHIMA AND NAGASAKI Truman vs. Hiroshima and Nagasaki Brooklyn M. Ward Bethel University U.S. History II Essay 2, Unit 9 Abstract This essay will discuss the topic that brought President Harry S. Truman under much scrutiny. The Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings are known as two of the most horrific, historic events to ever occur. The decision of whether to drop the bombs was a heavy one on the President’s shoulders. A lot of thought, consideration, and preparation had to go into making the decision to pull the switch or sit back and wait. August 6, 1945, will forever be a day the Japanese will never forget ( Staff, 2009). The day they lost loved ones, the day they feared for their own lives, and the day they watched their cities fall completely into ruins. Was the decision made President Truman the right one, or was it a big mistake that cost too many lives of innocent people? Facts about August 6, 1945, and actual account of a Japanese woman who experienced this…show more content…
Some woke that day and didn’t know that their lives were going to come to an end at noon. Some woke up and didn’t know that they were going to lose their loved ones. Some woke and didn’t think their houses would be reduced to ruins, and that they would not have a house to come home to in the end. Was it all really worth it in the end? Some suggest that the dropping of the bomb may have ended World War II, but it started the Cold War ( Staff, 2009). Ending one war just led to another. The United States was the first and only nation to use atomic weaponry when they dropped the bomb on Hiroshima ( Staff, 2009). The decision of whether to drop the bomb was challenging, left lasting effects on the Japanese, and was one President Truman had to truly consider on his

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