Edgar Allan Poe Gothic Fiction

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Is Detective fiction exciting? Does Gothic fiction sound interesting? An American author named Edgar Allan Poe shaped and molded those two genres. In fact, Poe fathered the Detective genre, and many modern authors still utilize his writing style. Jennifer Brozak declared that Poe’s terrifying works of Gothic fiction affected the modern “realm of horror” from novels to movies, traces of Poe’s style still lurk about. Poe’s life inspired him to write the way he did in ways that also inspired others. Edgar Allan Poe’s most unfortunate life began in Boston January 19th, 1809. His parents were Elizabeth and David Poe, both professional actors. Three years later, Poe’s father disappeared and his mother died, rendering him a helpless orphan. His remaining…show more content…
As an orphan, his brothers and sisters died, even his stepmother died. The deaths of his family no doubt affected some of Poe’s writings. Zoe Small pointed out the connection between the way his mother, stepmother, and wife died, and how Poe’s characters in his story “The Masque of the Red Death,” died. Small believed there began a theme of young women dying in Poe’s writings after his wife had passed. In Poe’s works such as “Annabel Lee,” “The Fall of the House of Usher,” and “The Oval Portrait,” there exists a similar plot of a woman dying in a strange and horrible way. Poe drank heavily. Small suggested that his drinking habits lead to his death, but not before Poe captured their effects in his literary works. Poe occasionally referenced that addiction. In his story “The Black Cat,” Poe wrote of the effects of such an addiction. In that story, the main character unintentionally harms his feline pet because he is drunk. Poe reflects his experiences during his upbringing in his popular works to make them more realistic. A factor of Poe’s impact on literature was his inventing of the Detective genre. Poe's "The Murders in the Rue Morgue," is America's first Detective story. Gothic fiction lies among these genres influenced by Poe. Edgar's writing style focused more directly on terror, rather than the setting. As suggested, his terror fueled stories had a great influence on many modern works of
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