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Big Foot Ever wonder if bigfoot is real? Growing up this is probably one of the first urban legend stories your told. And when you look deep into the forest dont you ever wonder if BigFoot actually exists? Where does he originate from? And who was the first person to encounter this creature. Although there are many “sightings” of bigfoot how do we know which ones are real or fake? Conducting deep research can help us determine if Bigfoot is real or not. Bigfoot is an urban legend that has been passed down for many generations. Many claim he is real while many say he’s not. There have been many fake stories about sightings and such but how do we know he is actually real? In “ 1884 the newspaper, Daily Colonists, Of Victoria, British Columbia told of the capture of a Sasquatch” (UnMuseum) or in other words Bigfoot. If such capture happened then why have their been many sightings after this supposed capture? According to UnMuseum the capture of this creature was more of an ape like animal. Bigfoot has the resemblance of an ape because of his…show more content…
In Canda he is known as the Sasquatch. The term Sasquatch means “hairy giant” (UnMeuseum) in the Indian langauge. He is in fact mentioned in various Indian legends. And according to Indian mythology they live in packs. Various Indian tribes say he does exist. But he is dricribed differently by the tribes. The Native American tribes say that Bigfoot is a tall creature about six to nine feet tall. They say that bigfoot creatures are unable to speak human languages. Instead they use whistles, grunts, and gestures to communicate with each other. Its even said that male bigfoots are able to mate with human women. In some stories bigfoots are said to “have minor supernatural powers” (Native Languages) like having the ability to turn invisible. And they are considered guardians of

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