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Queen of the Damned What was once a terrifying creature has now been turned into something that sparkles and seduces seventeen year old girls. Vampire movies have really changed over the years, each having their own way of displaying vampires to their audiences. Anne Rice, the author of the book Queen of the Damned, shows vampires in a way that most wouldn’t consider normal. Bringing the immortal into the music culture allows Rice’s main character Lestat to feel on top of the world again. With a healthy balance of blood and death, this movie allows its audience to learn Lestat’s history, while a dark soundtrack provides the scenery. All vampire movies include one thing that sets the plot…show more content…
Many times throughout the movie this rule had been brought up causing the deaths to be very surprising. The vampires all knew that if they were to drink to the last drop that they would die, but the only solution to the movie’s problem was to drink Akasha dry. This movie was created in the early 2000’s and the CGI was very well done compared to today’s graphics. It was very realistic and stunned me when watching it for the first time. The actors were able to play the death scenes as if they were really dying, which adds to the audience feeling like they were actually in the movie. The graphics of this movie didn’t seem glitchy or completely fake, but rather smooth and if flowed with the rest of the scenes. Many vampires and humans died throughout the movie, but with the vampires less blood was involved in their deaths compared to the humans. The movie did an excellent job with making all the wounds and cuts very realistic, nothing was hidden from the audience. For many in the audience gore is something that is important, gore keeps the attention of the audience. Having vivid images of certain people dying can make their deaths all the more real to the audience, no one likes having questions about a character's death. If a character should be dead, then it needs to be portrayed in a way that the audience will not…show more content…
It scored very well when coming to my own personal criteria, making it a 10/10 for a vampire movie. The main character was so emotionally relatable, making the connection so strong. My interests were to always in Lestat’s favor while watching this movie and the soundtrack did a fabulous job on keeping it that way. Watching this movie was almost like living it. Many people who read a lot have very vivid images and scenes play in their heads while reading, they are completely immersed into the plot and become one with the story. I felt like I was reading the movie rather than watching it and really being in the scenes with its characters. The beautiful graphics and makeup made it seem so much more real to me. I felt very disconnected after the movie ended, not knowing what to do with my life I decided to watch it again. Queen of the Damned is one of my favorite movies of all time and match my criteria completely, making it a real vampire

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