Community Oriented Policing Research Paper

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Since the beginning of the 20th Century, police administrators have been developing policing strategies to make their departments more effective and efficient. No matter the strategy, the main components are always there: serve the citizens of the community by protecting life and property, preserving the peace, and enforcing local, state and when applicable, federal laws. The ability to do this has changed over time. The real goal for an administrator is finding the right policing model to fit his/her community. In the 1980's, community-oriented policing became a popular policing model to police administrators. The goal of community oriented policing is to bring a police department and community together to address communal problems through communication and problem-solving. This paper will discuss the components of community-oriented policing, how community-oriented policing can build trust between the police and the public, and how recent law and policy changes are…show more content…
According to P.J. Ortmeier and Joseph J. Davis, it was Peele's "Principles of Policing" that reminded police what was acceptable behavior (Ortmeier and Davis 6). While all 9 principles will not be discussed in this paper, they have to do with aspects of policing that are still relevant today. For example, Peele writes about police preventing crime, maintaining the respect of the public, seeking cooperation from the public, using the appropriate amount of force to gain compliance (Ortmeier and Davis 6). Make no mistake about it, without the support from the community, a police department's ability to serve its community is severely diminished. Post-Ferguson, police department administrators and community leaders have begun to take notice that it is time for the police to repair the disconnect between them and community they

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