Lacrosse Personal Narrative

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Lacrosse was the most terrifying obstacle I endured throughout my life. My brother participated in baseball and I was forced to watch every game, in which I did not enjoy, however once I understood the objective I was entertained. Witnessing his team win gave me a sense of pride. I aspired to feel what the winning team felt, achievement, and that sense of achievement initiated the beginning of my athletic phase. I played four completely different sports: soccer, basketball, softball and lacrosse. The last sport I played was lacrosse. It was the most challenging sport I put myself through in 8th grade. I spent Tuesday and Thursday afternoons practicing for the sport I loathed profusely. Considered as one of the worst players on the team made me dread going to practice and games, but I always went, not missing one. My position was second home attacker whose responsibility is to score goals, except scoring was my enemy. I…show more content…
While awaiting near midfield a teammate tossed the ball towards me. Quickly examining the ground, I realized the ball was waiting in the mesh of my stick. My weight fell onto my right foot while preparing to bolt for the goal. Sprinting for my life I suddenly came to a halt 7 feet from the goal, and whipped the ball over the goalie's helmet. My heart sank with devastation. I wanted to burst into tears, but I collected and embraced myself for the embarrassing walk of shame off the field. We lost and it was my fault. Lacrosse destroyed my athletic confidence, and I was determined to gain it back. That Sunday was the end of humiliation and beginning of a challenge. Everyday for a week I practiced shooting with my brother. I refused to allow my lacrosse abilities define my athleticism. Focusing on stick work and the ability to shoot under pressure, I felt my weaknesses disappear and I progressively became better. I was positive I was going to score a goal during my next

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