Trifles Susan Glaspell

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In “Trifles” by Susan Glaspell, a County Attorney, Sheriff, and Mr. Hale, the witness, arrives at the Wright’s house. They begin to discuss the murder of Mr. John Wright. Mr. Hale reflects back on the situation stating how he came to the house to talk to Mr. Wright about getting a telephone line. He knocked on the door, and then came in the house to find Mrs. Wright sitting in her rocking chair. Mrs. Wright tells Mr. Hale that he can’t talk to Mr. Wright because he is upstairs dead. Mrs. Wright goes on to tell Mr. Hale that she does not know who did it, and how she was asleep when he was hung. Later, Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters come to collect some items for Mrs. Wright, whom is in jail. While the ladies are worried about the trifles, the men are trying to find something bigger. Mrs. Hale…show more content…
Peters talk while the men are upstairs investigating. They discuss how happy Mrs. Wright was when she was Minnie Foster. Next, the women go through some of Mrs. Wright’s stuff. They find her quilts, a birdcage, but never knew she had a bird, and later find a pretty red box where the dead bird was found. The bird was strangled and hung the same way as Mr. Wright. The women hide all the evidence because they know this would tie her to the murder. Meanwhile, the men are overlooking all the little things, and in turn can’t find anything to tie her to the murder. Mrs. Wright, formally known as Minnie Foster, has suffered from isolation, which led her to killing her husband. Throughout the story there are signs of her being isolated from the world. Some metaphors used to symbolize her isolation are: the bird and the cage, and the location of the Wright’s house. Mrs. Wright stayed in her house all day and could not go anywhere because their house was out in the hollow; far away and isolated to where the road could not even be seen. Their house was also known to be lonesome and not so cheerful. On page 749, Mrs. Hale says, “I – Ive never liked this place. Maybe because its
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