The Colorado: A Short Story

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Standing there at the edge, the scene in front of me seemed almost surreal. The sun shined beautifully across the entire canyon, bringing out the mesmerizing colors and hues of the many layers of earth. As I looked down I felt an immediate sense of vertigo, so I did not stay at the edge for long. Even the smell was something you couldn’t forget, the sweet scent of the earth combined with the fresh, crisp, and unpolluted air. Everywhere I looked, I could only gaze in awe and wonder. I had seen pictures of this place before, but I never even dreamed I would actually be standing there in all of its glory. As amazing as it was, that was only a part of my adventure. It was the beginning of the summer in 2011. My little sister and I were sitting…show more content…
It was the product of years of the Colorado River eroding away the earth into what we know it as today. Still, even the mental image I had beforehand could not prepare me for what I was about to see. We parked the RV and immediately got out. It was a relief to finally get out and stretch. I knew we were close but I still had not seen the Canyon yet, and I couldn’t see it from the parking lot we were in. Our family rounded up and headed to see what this wonder was all about. I walked just around a big rock and past some trees that were blocking the view and there it was. The Canyon was vast, stretching as far east and west as I could see. The other side was so far away that I am not sure if I could tell if someone stood there or not. The edges of the Canyon sloped all the way down to what seemed like a small Colorado river. Each layer of the ground could be seen and all were different shades of red and brown. The sun cast a shadow onto the Canyon bed, which seemed to be too far down for my liking. I walked up to the edge of the cliff we were on and of course there was railing, otherwise I would not have come close. I felt small and intimidated by this miraculous landmark before me. The wind flowed through the Canyon and pushed on me as if it were teasing me to fall in. It was truly enticing but not so much that I would want to just dive in. I backed away from the railing and we followed the trail to a gift shop. Being the tourist that we were we bought a few souvenirs but all I remember was a book about all the people who have fatally fallen into the Canyon. I gave a quick glance through the book and immediately developed a fear of standing near the edge of the Canyon. Eventually we had enough and it was time to leave. The sun was just starting to set and it made the Canyon even more mesmerizing. As we drove off I could see it out my window. The sunset opened up an entirely new array of colors and the Canyon arranged

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