Benefits Of Optimism And Positive Thinking

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The Benefits of Optimism and Positive Thinking What’s the best way to respond to conflict? Optimism and positivity are present in many gloomy situations. Although many would refute positivity helping in a negative situation, there is much evidence that shows that it can help you manage better. For example, the stories “The Diary of a Young Girl” by Anne Frank as well as “Dear Miss Breed” by Joanne Oppenheim both have a character that uses positivity to help themselves see the beauty in their surroundings rather than the ugliness in it. The best way to respond to conflict is by staying calm, positive, and optimistic because it can help with your health, physical recovery, stress, and sleep. Staying positive affects your health. According to…show more content…
One website named “The Pursuit of Happiness” stated, “People who tend to be more optimistic and more mindful had an increase in sleep quality. There is also evidence that optimism can protect against the development of chronic diseases”. Another positive effect of optimism is it helps with stress, “. . . studies have found that optimistic people experience less distress when faced with potentially life-threatening cancer diagnoses” (“Mindfulness and Positive Thinking”). Therefore, from the evidence above, there are many benefits of being positive, like protection from chronic diseases and better sleep quality. A life-threatening cancer diagnoses could be the scariest thing one could ever face in their entire life and the first instinct may be to be negative but staying positive can help you manage the stress and fear far more than negativity will. According to one study, doctors evaluated 309 middle-aged patients undergoing coronary artery bypass surgery. While also completing a preoperative physical exam, every patient had a psychological evaluation designed to measure optimism, depression, self-esteem, and neuroticism. After tracking the patients for six months after the surgery, researchers found that optimists were half as likely as pessimists to require re-hospitalization (Harvard Medical…show more content…
It wouldn’t be the end of someone’s life if they tried being positive, even if it’s just for a day. Positivity can help you handle a gloomy situation better, but it can also help your health, sleeping, stress, and physical recovery. If optimism and positivity has this many health benefits, who wouldn’t want to try

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