Fairy Shrimp Proposal

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Background Proposal purpose: This proposal directly addresses… (SEE WHAT I WROTE IN THE DOCUMENT I SUBMITTED TO SPO) Habitat and ecology: Historically, California included extensive areas of vernal pools, or seasonally inundated wetlands. These enigmatic environments are host to more than 60 endemic plant and animal taxa, each of which are uniquely adapted to their fluctuating conditions (Holland and Jain 1981; King et al. 1996; Kneitel 2011). Urban development, agriculture and other human activities have drastically reduced vernal pool habitat, and now only an estimated 3–10% remains (Holland, 1978; Keeley & Zedler, 1998; USFW 2005). Many of the endemic species are currently listed as threatened or endangered (Federal Register, 2003), including…show more content…
longiantenna) are Federally Endangered branchiopods endemic to ephemeral freshwater habitats within the Central Valley of California (Eriksen & Belk 1999; USFW 1994). This species is exceedingly rare, and currently only five clusters of individuals (commonly defined as populations) are known to occur (USFW 2005, 2012). Three of the five populations are located on public lands currently protected and managed for several key vernal pool species, including the longhorn fairy shrimp (USFW 2012). A population of particular concern is located in clear depression pools in sandstone outcrops within Contra Costa and Alameda counties, identified by USFW as the Altamont core area (Eriksen & Belk 1999; EBRPD 2001; CNDDB 2002). These rock outcrop pools form after depressions in exposed bedrock become inundated during winter rains, and are usually small, structurally simple systems and lack any groundwater interactions. These factors create isolated systems where species diversity and community structure is more readily apparent than in larger systems (Brendonck et al. 2010). Rock outcrop pools usually contain a minimal amount of soil (less than 3 centimeters deep) or lack soil entirely, and support sparse vegetation typical of vernal pools (Helm 1998; Keeley et al. 1998; Calhoun & DeMaynadier 2007). Hundreds of these rock pools exist within the Altamont core area, and the number of locations where longhorn fairy shrimp occur has not been quantified (USFW 2012,

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