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James Holmes James Holmes grew up in San Diego, California and attended Westview High School. The students described the school as socially awkward and the standards were pretty high it was a dreadful experience for a student to repeat a class that one had previously failed. after he graduated high school he moved to Aurora Colorado with a twenty six thousand dollar grant to attend a neuroscience program at the university of Colorado. When he was in college had had failed an exam where one of his professors told him after the failure, he dropped out, distancing himself from society. He had a history of mental illness but no illegal background or misconduct. Within a few short hours of dropping out of college. He bought an assault rifle…show more content…
"Imagine that fireball ... you would have an explosion that would knock down the wall of (nearby) apartment." (CNN) stated by one of the officials in Colorado. Bringing the overall the overall charges to 24 counts of murder 140 counts of attempted murder.If he was found guilty James Holmes could face the death penalty. he went on trial for his crimes and a jury would decide if the repayment of his debt was death row or life in…show more content…
James Eagan Holmes guilty on every count against humanity that he was initially charged with. The entire jury except one voted for the death penalty and the judge,however, with the same mercy that the defendant gave to his victims, while he filled his own personal role of judge gave him 12 life sentences plus an extra 3318 years in prison; necessary overkill that symbolizes the extent his crimes.since he wouldn’t be put to death . "It is the court's intention that the defendant never set foot in free society again," and "If there was ever a case that warranted a maximum sentence, this is the case. The defendant does not deserve any sympathy. "Sheriff, get the defendant out of my courtroom

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