King Henry Ellis: An Exceptional Man

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Some men were born great leaders while others were born to be great learners. Henry Ellis was born to be both. He was an exceptional man. Known as Georgia’s second founder, Henry Ellis become Georgia’s second Royal Governor. Born in 1721 in County Monaghan, Ireland, Henry became one of the most important figures in Georgian history. After having a career at sea, Henry was recruited by Lord Halifax to be Georgia's second Royal Governor. With John Reynolds, the first Royal Governor, undergoing an unsuccessful reign, Henry Ellis came into office and helped Georgia prosper. Under his leadership, Georgia established a firm and stable economy. And because of him, Georgians learned how to govern themselves. He accomplished many goals during his rule.…show more content…
As a teenager he left Monaghan County, Ireland and took a job at sea. He learned the science of navigation and the art of mapmaking ( At the age of twenty-five, he was offered a job as a scientific observer on a ship in search of the Northwest Passage. His books and maps earned him a spot as captain of the Earl of Halifax and carried out a series of experiments for members of the Royal Society. From 1750 until 1755 Ellis took part in transporting slaves from Africa to Jamaica. He made three voyages from England to Africa and Jamaica and had carried a total of 312 slaves during this time. On February 1757, Henry Ellis was appointed to be the Royal Governor of Georgia, at the age of thirty-six, by Lord Halifax. Halifax was desperate to dissolve the complaints which were created by Georgia about James Reynolds. Georgia was very eager about Henry Ellis’ promotion. They hoped that he would be a step up from the previous Governor, John Reynolds, who was very ineffective in creating a reliable, safe, and stable economy and government for the Georgian…show more content…
Reynolds lacked the political experience and skills necessary to establish a model government for the colony of Georgia. (Royal Georgia, 1752-1776). Ellis possessed those important qualities, including intelligence, understanding, tact, sensitivity, wit, and political ability. Ellis also saw the weaknesses Georgia possessed. As a result, Ellis cultivated the friendship of the heads of the Creek Nation. He settled disputes that had been raging between the Georgian and the Creeks. He also worked with influential traders like Lachlan McGillivray and George Galphin to help preserve peace and tranquility with numerous Creek towns during the war against the Cherokees in the winter in 1759-1760. This alliance would soon prove helpful as some Creek warriors would help defend Georgia against the Cherokees. Ellis Also tried to abolish slavery but failed. In fact slavery continued to have a great effect on Georgia’s political and agricultural structure. Additionally, Ellis claimed Georgia’s right to control the Indian trade west of the Savanna River. Due to Georgia’s excessive heat, Ellis heath declined dramatically. This forced him to leave Georgia in November 1760. But as an award for Ellis’ amazing reign, Lord Halifax rewarded him with the governorship of Nova Scotia. Ellis never accepted the promotion though. His presence was needed in

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