The Causes Of Happiness In Today's Society

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In the world today, everyone is keyed in on this thing called “happiness”. Marketers have made happiness into a big industry where everyone tries to fulfill desires they did not even know they had. It is as if feeling any other type of emotion such as sadness, fear, and anger are forbidden in today’s society. If a person does experience these other types of emotions then they label themselves as “depressed” or “mentally ill”. It is so easy nowadays for even doctors to jump to the conclusion that a person is mentally ill instead of seeing the bigger picture. Everyone experiences sadness, fear, and anger at some point in their lifetime and everyone experiences these emotions in their own timeframe. No one is going to be 100% happy all of the time. With that being said, there is a time a place where experiencing these other emotions is just as important as experiencing “happiness”.…show more content…
Scientists and psychologists have been working non­stop to measure happiness and to identify what its exact causes are. Of course, the normal things such as “sex, drinking after work with friends, and work itself – challenging, rewarding, and secure employment­ contributes to happiness” (Schoch 451). It is as if these scientists and psychologists tend to act like people do not know that already. But any other emotions besides the ones that let out that “feel good” sensation like the ones just mentioned above are given that negative label. Just because something does not feel exactly like “happiness” does not mean that it should be labeled as negative. It is important that society realizes that not everything needs to be given a

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