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Imagine being held against your will, whipped repeatedly, forced to sleep on the floor, and subjected to work fifteen hours a day all without pay. This is what slaves had to endure in the United States during the 16, 17, and 1800s. It has been acknowledged that slavery is an atrocious act that should have never occurred. Even after slavery had been abolished, African Americans had to live through years of discrimination. Despite this, it is essential that no reparations are ever paid because of it. Paying reparations will debilitate the U.S. economy and reset the racial animosity America has been trying to eliminate since the Civil Rights movement. The payment of reparations will yield crippling effects on Americans of all skin There is not one black person living today who was enslaved. There is not a single white person living today who has ever enslaved another individual. The base meaning of the word reparation is to repair. It means to restore to wholeness. It makes absolutely no sense to punish an individual for an act they did not directly contribute to (packet). To pay reparations to today’s blacks would be legally saying that they had been the…show more content…
It is trying to make amends for the racism that had occurred all that time ago. Ironically, attempting to make up for previous racism will only lead to increased racism in today's society. Caucasians would be bitter towards African Americans because they must give up their hard earned money to them via taxes. This will only further increase the racial animosity we have been working to lessen over the course of several decades. This newly kindled hatred will cause whites to find ways to get back at blacks. They will commit racial violence crimes against blacks, as well as deny them jobs and services in everyday life (packet). The potential denying of jobs will make it extremely difficult for blacks to provide for their

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