Dogmatism In Brave New World

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Comprehension and Analysis As the world advances, society continues to change to meet the standards of the growing generations, and it is evident in the novel Brave New World. In the World State society, the people are controlled by the government's censorship of literature, religion, and science because of the possibility of emotion that can be invoked. The people are functioning in a society that is ruled through dogmatism, and the presence of any outside information would create a revolt in the community. The people's ideologies are conditioned to be logical and create stability in the society.The suppression of a person's individual emotions is the government's way of enabling a prosperous society. With the introduction of literature of…show more content…
The World State’s society was able to prosper, and maintain a strong central government without the fear of revolt. However, the introduction of an outsider, John, influenced a rebellion within Helmholtz and Bernard, and prompted a dissatisfaction with the authority. The focus of the novel is to bring attention to the governmental authority and the lack of free will within the society because of the suppression of the human emotion. It is evident that the people in the World State were only given limited information, and their actions were dictated by the totalitarian government. Even so, this mechanism is visibly an effective method in maintaining a predictable and stable society, without the influence of outside…show more content…
People are able to feel happy and fulfilled because they have a defined purpose in this society, and they have no reason to challenge the higher authority. Each class is conditioned to be content with their own life, class, and job, and because they are unaware of anything else they are pleased with what they have. For example, it is noted in the text where Lenina talks about how she is happy she is an Alpha because the other classes are so dumb. She is unaware that this is not her own opinion and that is has been conditioned in her, and it prevents her from trying the change the system that the government has created. There is also a stability within the society, that prevents any type of revolt on the government as long as there is no interference of an outside opinion. The stability is based on the conditioning and societal norms placed on the people, and this allows for the government to be able to predict the future of the society and have a secure control over the people. Without a stability and happiness in a society there is always chaos and an inability in having total control over the people because they will not be content with what they have. Without total control there is also the issue of illogical thinking, and it is evident that this causes an instability within the society. By manipulating

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