The Weeknd's Song 'Professional'

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The song “Professional” by The Weeknd (Abel Tesfaye) that was released in 2013, describes a woman who had dreams in living like any other woman does, but she ends up settling for something she thought would be enough to satisfy her happiness. She became a woman of sex appeal, who dances for money and would sell her body for sex. She doesn’t realize what she has done to herself; she becomes too deep and can’t find a way of this industry. Soon she finds herself lost and unhappy, but somehow she will learn to deal with the pain. The six-minute song can sum up the way love is abused, but the Weeknd could not do it without building a character that is relatable in today’s society, a tone that’s depressing and the irony towards love. The Weeknd…show more content…
It’s just pleasure and money then he turns around and says it’s love, “I love, you love this love we’re professional I know, you know we’re sophisticated at lovin” (line 21-26). If anything that’s the opposite of love. Growing up everyone has heard that fairy tale love story at least once during his or her childhood. It’s drilled into children heads that love is supposed to be that way. The girl is supposed to be a princess and the boy is supposed to be charming, a type of love that will have children excited to be adults just so they can find that love. People would think that The Weeknd would say that it’s not love, but by saying sex and money is love tells an audience that this is the image society is pulling up about love for future generations. Soon the definition of love will lose its meaning if people continue to abuse it. The Weeknd mentions, “What does it mean when your heart’s already numb you’re professional wont treat it like its personal no this is just love it always makes its way back around it’s dispensable.” (line27-33) Just like Abel and this woman don’t take their “relationship” seriously, they aren’t the only ones doing it. It’s everyone in this world who has let their heart be numb for whatever reason. Many live in this fantasy world that love is not a big deal so, if a “relationship” doesn’t work out its fine they will just find someone else who can satisfy their needs. People are selfish. It shouldn’t be this way because it will continue to be the same cycle until people start to realize it won’t work unless they’re committed and there’s intimacy between a

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