Essay On The British Empire

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The British Empire The British Empire is both good and bad, good things that they have done is they stopped some slavery by forbidding ownership of slaves(Sir Reginald Coupland, India: A restatement, 1945). There are also lots of negative things that the British Empire has done, for example, The British Empire has taken money from India year to year, and kept India in a state of slavery, they behave insolently towards India, and disregard their feelings(Mohandas Gandhi, Indian Home Rule, Navajivan Publishing, 1938, reprinted in 1946). The British Empire is good for the positive things it has done but, they are also not as nice as you think they are. Debate about British rule in India. The rule of the British in India is the most controversial and the most debated aspects of British Empire history.British rule admirers point out economic developments, legal and administrative system, and the fact that India’s the center of world politics. Critics of British rule point out these benefits went to a British ruling class and the Indians gained little. Admirers counter this saying most Indians were poor, oppressed by their own leaders, and that British rule was less harsh than rule by Indian princes. So maybe the reason that the arguments are so heated and complex is because India is very different from other territories that made up the empire(Walsh, Ben.…show more content…
The British made military and trading alliances with states that make up India and are independent. The British infiltrated these states and took control, they usually left the local princes in charge of parts of India. Research shows that British rule did little to nothing for India in economical terms. Britain gained a lot for ruling India, but most of it gained wasn’t invested in the country(Walsh, Ben. “Learning Curve British Empire.” The National Archives,
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