Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System

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The Billing Process Medical billing processing is how providers and employees receive their payment for their services. The Medical billing process includes submitting claims, posting payments, billing patients as well as following up with patient accounts. This process can be done incorrectly and may cause the provider to miss reimbursement. This also helps decide who pays the provider rather it be the patient or the insurance company. The billing process involves a lot of task to ensure the process is done correctly and adequately. Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System also known as HCPCS was discovered to provide a standardized coding system for specific items. HCPCS is what Medicare uses…show more content…
Level three codes are also included in HCPCS and are known as local codes. Current Procedural Technologies As stated in the paragraph before the American Medical Association developed CPT CODES also referred to as Current Procedural Technologies Coding. Numeric codes assigned to assist a provider in deciding which service to provide to a patient. These references include medical and diagnostic services. CPT codes are used to determine how much a provider will be reimbursed after they do a service. Although providers reference the same CPT Codes , It is not likely for all providers to be reimbursed the same amount. Because the American Medical Association is constantly improving, CPT codes can be updated annually. The International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision, Clinical Modification The International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision, Clinical Modification. Recently known as ICD­9­CM is a coding system used to identify and a point codes regarding health conditions and related information. ICD­9­CM has alphanumeric codes. These codes are to be entered on the patient Electronic Medical record. Posting ICD­9­CM to a patient's EMR they are regarding diagnostic, billing and reporting purposes. Patient complaints, causes of injury, and mental disorders are also coded in the ICD­9­CM. Refer to ICD-9-CM to determine if a diagnosis code can billed in the primary position or the secondary…show more content…
An standard claim form used by physicians and multiple other healthcare providers to bill for services rendered. The CMS 1500 form has to be recognizable for the OCR scanners so it is completed in red ink to be recognized. Although the CMS form is not mandatory private insurance carriers have also agreed to this method. The medical office assistant should be very adequate and consistent when completing the CMS 1500 to insure that the form is completed correctly. Medicare along with many other insurance carriers will not accept the form is the date is entered

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