The Boundaries Of Deviance

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Society creates the boundaries of what they consider to be normal. Deviance overrides that. Deviance is a behavior, characteristic, or belief that contradicts the norm of a society and ultimately produces a negative reaction. Some things that may be considered deviant in our society that I wouldn’t consider deviant in my perfect society are tattoos and homosexuality. In our society today, many people consider tattoos to be deviant. Due to religion, many people believe it is a sin to mark up a person’s body because it is sacred. Some tattoos may depict gruesome appearances such as images of open flesh or words that shouldn’t be publicized. These appearances may not be accepted into society because of how nasty and unwanted it is. In my society,…show more content…
Over the last few years, our country and society has made drastic changes. Today, the Supreme Court legalizes gay marriages in all 50 states and gay soldiers are freely accepted into the military. In my perfect society, homosexuality will always be accepted. Discrimination would be considered a crime. I will not allow others to hurt those who are different from them. I believe in equality and everyone deserves to be treated with respect. In our society, some things that aren’t considered deviant that I would consider deviant in my perfect society are disrespect and lying. In today’s society, it is normal to disrespect someone and not be punished. I see children disrespecting their parents by lashing out at them. I truly think children now are spoiled. Another form of disrespect is ignoring someone when they are right there. I would consider disrespect to be a deviant because respect is one of the key components towards a perfect society. People would get along with each other and hear out what they to say. Many people can get away from lying in our society. We can lying to get what we want or lying to mess with someone. The truth is a powerful thing. It can either be good or bad, but wouldn’t you rather know the truth than be lied to? I would. Lying is a deviant in my perfect society because it can be deceitful and the truth is what brings us to reality. Lying leads to trust issues and trust is what holds a society together.

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